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Waterproof Anti-Leakage Agent (300g. + Brush)

Waterproof Anti-Leakage Agent (300g. + Brush)

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Do sealing and leakage control cost a lot of money?

Do you want to seal cracks and leaks, but experts charge high fees for the process? Don't worry! Waterproof, invisible and insulating sealant will solve your problem!

Transparent Waterproof Coating Agent is a revolutionary water-based rubberized paste, which completely seeps into cracks and seals any broken surface, forming a 100% waterproof barrier for lasting repair!
Just apply it to stop leaks and waterproof various surfaces including tiles, bricks, concrete, wood, metal, PVC, etc. It works on any building material! 


Effective leak prevention: It's a revolutionary water- and rubber-based formula that can penetrate joints, cracks and leaks and seal all cracked surfaces. At the same time, it forms an impermeable, protective layer in the adjacent area.

Best of all: This adhesive becomes transparent after use and does not yellow over time. Suitable for tiles, bricks, concrete, wood, metal, PVC, etc., without damaging the surface.

Protective coating: It has strong adhesion and sealing power, which is immediate and lasts for many years. Protects surfaces from water and various liquids, ultraviolet (UV) rays and other harmful chemicals. Prevents damage caused by corrosion.

Easy to apply: simply brush the desired surface with adhesive, and off you go! Immediately and effectively seals pipe leaks on walls, ceilings, roofs, windowsills and more.

Excellent quality: Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that respect the human body and the environment. It has been tested and approved and has a long service life. It is not harmful to humans or surfaces.

Durable: Saves time, money and energy by guaranteeing long-term protection after use. It is waterproof, guaranteeing maximum performance, and can accept paint.

Specifications :

Product Weight: 300g. + Brush

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