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Powerful Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Revolutionize Your Car Cleaning

Our cutting-edge TurboClean technology effortlessly eliminates dirt, crumbs, and pet hair from every corner of your car, delivering a spotless interior with the ease of a pro detailer.

Powerful, Portable, and Convenient

Experience unmatched power and versatility with the Car Vacuum Cleaner
Its robust motor leaves no particle unnoticed, from carpets to upholstery and tight spaces.
Plus, its compact build ensures that it effortlessly fits into your car's storage compartments, leaving you with ample room for other essentials.

3 in 1 Multifunction

Our cordless car vacuum cleaner is equipped with various nozzles that can switch between 3 modes: vacuum mode,dust blower mode,vacuum sealing mode.It can clean not only large areas of dust,but also in crevices.It can also be used to pump up balloons or swimming rings,or to vacuum seal.

Rechargeable and Easy to Use

Get rid of the traditional bulky charger,our hand held car vacuum cleaner can be easily charged anywhere with a USB port.The USB cable is equipped with a charging means fully charged and red means charging,making charging safer and more convenient.

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