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A&B Casting Repair Glue

A&B Casting Repair Glue

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Rekebisha vitu kwa urahisi nyumbani.

All-purpose metal repair glue provides a powerful and durable repair for all metal surfaces. No need for welding, quickly and easily repair all cracks, holes, rust, welding, and other problems.

Bonding of Uncommon Metals

Exceptional bonding strength for metal repair projects. It bonds to various metals for durability in everyday use.

Easy to Use

Repair metal objects with A&B Cast Repair Glue. Clean, prepare, and apply glue in a 1:1 ratio. Dries in 1 hour, cures in 24 hours.

Solid and Reliable

A&B Cast Repair Adhesive creates a strong bond that can withstand harsh environments and last a long time.

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